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* Editable email Notification (Post build action) - This plugin helps the customers to trigger the emails to the individuals/testers/developers team to track the status of the test built.
* Time-based execution (Trigger Builds) - This plugin helps the customer to schedule their execution based on time frames.
* Dependency based execution (Upstream/Downstream) - This plugin helps the customers to achieve their dependency based execution like Upstream/Downstream in their test suites.
* Batch execution - Any non-Certify triggering events that you want to make sure get complete before starting test suite execution




 # Jenkins 2.0 or above 

How I can download the PlugIns from GitHub: 

  • Go through the below link to download the "Worksoft Certify Process RunnerRiskBased" PlugIn. 

I have a question, how should I ask it? 

The Worksoft Certify Process Runner plugin is an open source project, and questions should be transparent to benefit the community. In order of preference, please: 

  1. Look for a JIRA if there is any already existing issue is there if does not exists log a new defect. 

If those do not work or get a reply within a week, please contact the author or directly send an email to