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1.2.2 - 4th March 2017

1.2.1 - 26th February 2017

  • Fixed JENKINS-42329: Support for multi-config projects was broken in v1.2
  • Renamed "Customize issue template" to "Advanced settings"

1.2 - 26th November 2016

  • Added some optional new features. Thanks to Felix Simmendinger and Daniel Zabel for the pull request.
    • Appending a comment on recurring failures (disabled by default)
    • Reopening issue if build starts failing again (instead of creating a new issue)
    • Allow custom GitHub repo to be used for issues

1.1 - 12th November 2016

  • Fixed JENKINS-39662: NullPointerException for multi-config projects
  • Fixed JENKINS-39687: Configuration section didn't appear correctly
  • Implemented JENKINS-39663 - Allow issue template to be customised per-job instead of just having one server-wide template
  • Added help for merge tokens
  • Include changes since last successful build in default body content

1.0 - 5th November 2016

  • Initial release