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Windows-Azure-Storage Plugin

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A plugin for uploading build artifacts to, or downloading build dependencies from, Microsoft Azure Blob storage.
Note: Once you upgrade to 0.3.3+ successfully, it's recommended not to downgrade, it will break builds.
(For a more detailed tutorial see


This plugin is available in the Jenkins plugin manager.
To install in Jenkins, go to Manage Jenkins | Manage Plugins | Available | Windows Azure Storage Plugin | Install.
Then restart Jenkins to complete the installation.


1. Select the storage account name to use from the drop-down control
2. Enter a name for the container. A new container will be created if it does not exist. Environment variables can also be referenced. For example: $JOB_NAME
3. Enter the list of artifacts to upload, following the Ant glob syntax. You may create mappings between groups of artifacts and the virtual directory structure for them to be put under in the blob storage using the "::" notation.
4. Optionally, specify the common virtual path under the container that the artifacts will be placed under. This string (followed by a slash '/' character) will follow the container name (after a slash) in the URL for each artifact. Any combination of characters can be used, but reserved URL characters must be properly escaped. Environment variables can also be referenced. For example: "$BUILD_ID/$BUILD_NUMBER/"

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Build actions


3. Enter the name of the blob to download. You may also use the wild card "*" at the end to select multiple blob downloads sharing the same prefix, for example: project
4. Optionally, enter the target download path. If not specified, the files will be downloaded into the job's work-space.
Environment variables can also be referenced, for example: $JOB_NAME

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For a tutorial, see


Version 0.3.5 April 12, 2017

  • Sometimes the uploaded files got locked and couldn't be deleted from disk.

Version 0.3.4 March 14, 2017

  • The copyartifact dependency is mandatory. JENKINS-41713
  • Fixed the artifact download links. JENKINS-42726
  • The "Microsoft Azure Storage" credentials can now be updated. #43


  • Storage account key has become a hidden field.
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  • Added the capability to use managed artifacts, a use case for artifacts can be downloading a known good build or an artifact from an upstream build.
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  • Links on the project page (to download) has been fixed. This now allows easier access to download artifacts from Jenkins.


Version 0.1.0 February 12, 2013)

  • Initial release

For regular updates and more information follow the project's GitHub repo.