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Uses liquibase version 3.5.13.


Known Limitations


All liquibase operations are available to pipeline scripts. See documentation for information and examples.

Job DSL Integration

See documentation regarding
how to use the JobDSL plugin to generate liquibase projects.

Usage Tips

  • If you'd like to have only new changesets evaluated, consider using an H2 JDBC url like
    "jdbc:h2:file:./data/sample". This instructs H2 to persist the database to a file. Note, however, if a different
    build slave runs your project, that file will no longer be available, and all changesets will again be executed.

Version History

Version 1.3.0 (Feb 2, 2017)

  • JENKINS-41681 Update plugin to use liquibase 3.5.3
  • JENKINS-41655 liquibase runner causes 'schema_name()' error when used with jtds
  • JENKINS-40963 Allow Liquibase runner to integrate with Job DSL plugin

Version 1.2.1 (Jan 9, 2017)

  • JENKINS-40920 Credentials migration fails if project has more than one liquibase builder
  • JENKINS-40919 Upgrading to 1.2.0 of the liquibase plugin may result in old-data warning