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Comment: 1.14


Currently all Windows nodes (including the master) on which this plugin will be used must have the Apache Tomcat Native libraries installed. As of 1.0 should be unnecessary for Unix nodes. As of 1.14 unnecessary if ssh-agent is installed.


First you need to add some SSH Credentials to your instance:


Installation Example: MacOSX (10.7.5)

Irrelevant in 1.14+ when ssh-agent is available in the path.


  • JDK7. The tomcat native libraries target the java 7 version.
  • APR - this seems to be preinstalled in /usr/lib/apr.


From there, configure using the instructions above.

Version History

Version 1.14 (2017-02-10)

  • JENKINS-36997 New default implementation that uses command-line ssh-agent. Should fix various problems with crypto APIs, docker.image(…).inside {sshagent(…) {…}}, etc.
  • JENKINS-38830 Track credentials used in the wrapper.
  • JENKINS-35563 Fixes to credentials dropdown.

Version 1.13 (2016-03-03)

  • JENKINS-32120 Register Bouncy Castle on the remote agent by using Bouncy Castle API plugin