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  • At runtime or startup, you may turn off Jenkins user lookup for changesets with property
    • This is a workaround for rare cases where you are relying on an external security realm for user information and have performance issues with many calls:
    • In the script console this setting may be changed at runtime (with immediate impact):
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    • To turn user lookup back on: 
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  • Hardcoded API limits that may be overridden by setting the properties at startup (requires restarting Jenkins to see the change):
    • Characters in each step's log entry (default: 10240 or 10kB) -
    • Runs displayed per job (default: 10) -
    • Artifacts shown per run (default: 100) -
    • Steps displayed per stage (default: 100) - - note: this may have a very large performance impact with complex builds.


2.12 (August 6, 2019)

2.11 (April 19, 2019)

  • Avoid generating NaNy NaNd (in case of Nan)
  • Add chinese translation
  • Fix overlap when used with Test Result Trend
  • Link to full node log from the window
  • Improve usability of the download artefacts popup