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The Start Sandbox action creates a new CloudShell sandbox based on the selected public blueprint and restricts interaction with the sandbox while it is running Setup. This ensures the sandbox Setup process completes successfully without any outside interference. When the sandbox is active, the sandbox’s Id and additional information become available in $SANDBOX_ID and $SANDBOX_DETAILS, respectively. These environment variables can be used in other steps in the build.

The $SANDBOX$SANDBOX_DETAILS is a JSON format string contains all containing the sandbox's metadata like the sandbox name, start time, expected end time, state and associating blueprint and associated blueprint, as well as a list of all the sandbox components with their name, type, address and more.

Note that the Sandbox duration in minutes field specifies the maximum duration of the sandbox. If the build does not end before the specified duration, CloudShell will tear down the sandbox.

The Timeout if sandbox unavailable unavailable field indicates the number of minutes to wait until the Sandbox sandbox becomes available in case no resources are available to reserve it any of the sandbox's resources are unavailable for the specified sandbox duration (conflicts). In case If the timeout was period is reached, the build will be interrupted.