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More information is available at


Version 1.3 (


June 14, 2018)

  • JENKINS-50882 - fix Directive Generator link from multibranch folders.
  • JENKINS-50964 - Fix 404 on Pipeline Syntax link 
  • JENKINS-50645 - Switch to firing failure after success and unstable, in case those post conditions modify status.
  • JENKINS-50815 - Fall back to GIT_LOCAL_BRANCH for when branch condition if BRANCH_NAME is not available.
  • JENKINS-43016 - Convert empty string label for agent to agent any in JSON.
  • JENKINS-46809 - Add support for nesting sequential groups of stages inside a stage.
  • JENKINS-45455 - Allow restarting a completed build from any stage which ran in that build, with all inputs (SCM, parameters, etc) preserved, and if the new preserveStashes option has been specified, any stashes from the original build available to the new build.
  • JENKINS-44993 - Don't swallow errors in post.