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Required Jenkins Plugin (1)

Configuration to disable the feature

Since v2.3.0 (2)

Marker file to disable the feature (3)

Generated Artifact

Archiving and the fingerprinting of the artifacts and attached artifacts generated by the Maven build (jar, sources jar, javadocs jar...)

withMaven(options: [artifactsPublisher(disabled: true)],...)


Generated JUnit, Surefire and FailSafe reports

Publishing of the JUnit, Surefire and FailSafe reports generated by the Maven build

JUnit Plugin

withMaven(options: [junitPublisher(disabled: true)],...)


Generated Findbugs reports

Publishing of the Findbugs reports generated by the Maven build

FindBugs Plugin

withMaven(options: [findbugsPublisher(disabled: true)],...)


Tasks scanner report

Publishing of a report of the "FIXME" and "TODO" tasks found in the java source code. The keywords can be configured.

Jenkins Tasks Scanner Plugin

withMaven(options: [openTasksPublisher(disabled: true)],...)


Dependencies Fingerprinting

(since 2.5.0)

Fingerprint the Maven dependencies.

By default only the snapshot dependencies of scope compile, runtime and provided are fingerprinted.

withMaven(options: [dependenciesFingerprintPublisher(disabled: true)],...)`.skip-fingerprint-maven-dependencies`

Concordion test report

(since 3.0.0)

Publishing of the Concordion test reports.

Publish the Concordion reports generated by the maven-surefire-plugin:test and the maven-failsafe-plugin:integration-test goals and located in the folder described by the system property "concordion.output.dir" as documented in Concordion > Integration > Java > Maven

HTML Publisher PluginwithMaven(options: [concordionPublisher(disabled: true)],...)`.skip-publish-concordion-results`
Maven Invoker Plugin test reportsPublish test reports generated by the maven-invoker-plugin:run goal
Maven Invoker Plugin
withMaven(options: [invokerPublisher(disabled: true)],...)`.skip-publish-invoker-run`
JGiven reportsPublish JGiven test reportsJGiven PluginwithMaven(options: [jgivenPublisher(disabled: true)],...)`.skip-publish-jgiven-results`
JaCoCo Code CoveragePublish JaCoCo Code CoverageJaCoCo Plugin

withMaven(options: [jacocoPublisher(disabled: true)],...)

Maven Linker Publisher

Publish the Maven report on the pipeline build GUI (list of dependencies, produced artifacts, downstream & upstream pipelines).

This publisher should be renamed "Maven Build Report Publisher".

A reason to disable this publisher is typically to not "pollute" the build screen with Maven invocations when Maven is used as an utility (e.g. invocations of "maven-help-plugin:3.2.0:evaluate"...)

withMaven(options: [mavenLinkerPublisher(disabled: true)],...)`skip-maven-linker-publisher`
Pipeline Graph PublisherBuild the graph of dependencies between Jenkins pipelines and Maven artifacts in order to trigger downstream pipelines (when using the `snapshotDependencies` on downstream pipelines)
withMaven(options: [pipelineGraphPublisher(disabled: true)],...)`.skip-pipeline-graph`

(1) Jenkins Plugin to publish the reports on the Jenkins build page. If the plugin is not installed, then the MAven report is ignored.