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This plugin allows Jenkins to play arbitrary audio clips as build actions and notifications.


Play sounds through the browser

Play sounds on build events


This plugin is able to play audio clips locally through sound hardware, remotely by piping them through an operating system command, or simultaneously through all browsers that are on a Jenkins page.

When outputting through local hardware, Sounds requires that the Jenkins' server machine has a working sound card and speaker that is not in a remote server room where there's no one around to hear it.


If you have HTML5 Audio capable browsers you can configure Sounds to play sounds through all the browsers that are on a Jenkins page.


For all of the options there are varying degrees of support for the multitude of audio file formats. The most widely supported (but the most inefficient) is WAV.

Triggering Sounds

Configured build action

A job can be configured to play a sound as part of its action. You can have jobs dedicated to playing sounds on a schedule, or have the job play a sound as it does other actions.


The Test Sound advanced option shows a list of the sounds found in the archive and their supported format.


Version 0.5 (Jun 25th, 2016)

Version 0.4.3 (Oct 8th, 2013)

  • Allowed local mute to be used by anonymous user when security is enabled (JENKINS-20081).
  • Fixed incompatibility with Jenkins version 1.445 and upwards causing configuration of system command in pipe mode to fail (JENKINS-13825).
  • Fixed error message when 'Sound archive location' field is left empty (JENKINS-19540).