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Comment: Added slides by Chin Pin Chang


  1. Article published in Testing Experience magazine issue number 12 (Open Source Tools) written by Bruno P. Kinoshita and Anderson dos Santos. 2010.
  2. Slides used in the lighting talk presented at Encontro Ágil 2010 in IME-USP (Portuguese Only). 2010.
  3. Article published in Automated Software Testing Magazine, volume 3, issue 1. March, 2011.
  4. Slides used in the presentation done in Belgium Testing Days 2011.
  5. Lighting talk for Encontro Ágil 2010, at IME-USP.
  6. More articles and tips on Bruno P. Kinoshita's website.
  7. Presentation at STPCon Spring March 2012 in New Orleans - USA.
  8. Automated Testing Environment by Bugzilla, Testopia and Jenkins by Chin Pin Chang. July, 2014.


  1. Various Testopia documentation assembled on Storify
  2. How to handle self signed certificates on Jenkins Server (TestLink Plugin SSL support)