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Note that as of version 1.4, the Jython script no longer executes within the Jenkins JVM process, but forks its own JVM. This is more consistent with how other plug-ins work, and ensures that in distributed deployments, the Jython script will execute in the node that a build is running on (instead of always running on the master).


Version 1.9 (Dec 18 2011)
  • Set up the Jython build step environment so that a Jenkins HTTP proxy, if it's defined, will be used by urllib and urllib2. More specifically, it defines the "http_proxy" environment variable for the build step. To override this, define your own "http_proxy" environment variable (either at the global/slave/job level).
Version 1.8 (Dec 16 2011)
  • Made syntax highlighting configuration a little more sensible.
Version 1.7 (Jul 20 2011)
  • Used the CodeMirror editor for the script field, which provides, amongst other things, syntax highlighting, and more control over the tab key behavior.