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This plugin is aimed at making it easy to launch Software Testing Automation Framework (STAF) commands or and STAF eXecution engine (STAX) jobs as a build step within Hudson.

STAF must be installed and running on the node running the build step. The STAX service must be available within your STAF environment in order to run STAX jobs.


  • Define the location of the STAF installation from Hudson's System Configuration page:
    !ConfigureSTAFLocation! Image Added
  • Once the location of STAF is defined, the two types of build steps can be added to your job build:
  • Example STAF command:
    Image Added
  • Example STAX job:
    Image Added

The JDK used to run the STAX job can be configured to an alternate runtime, in order to match the architecture of the installed STAF instance. For example, set to a 32-bit JVM if you have the 32-bit version of STAF installed

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Version history

Version 0.1 (1/9/2010)