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Comment: Reference generic plugins


Freestyle project, no SCM. Two build steps:

  1. Execute shell with Command:

    No Format
    echo "JDK: $JAVA_HOME"
    echo '<project/>' > build.xml
  2. Invoke Ant with Targets set to -version.


  1. Languages & frameworks
    1. Ruby
    2. Groovy
    3. Rails
  2. Builders
    1. Rake
    2. NAnt
    3. MSBuild: JENKINS-4120
    4. Ant, Maven, Gradle, Buckminster, SCons, WAS Builder, RAD Builder, STAF seem done
  3. SCMs
    1. CVS
    2. Git
    3. Mercurial available as of 1.18
    4. unnecessary for SVN, which Jenkins runs from Java

Just in case you cannot find a ToolInstaller/ToolInstallation for your tool, there are also generic plugins which can be configured in flexible ways: