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Comment: Added changelog for 1.5.1


  • This project will be sunset.
  • Work on a replacement AppCenter plugin is underway. This page will be updated when an alternative is available to test.
  • You should be able to use this as is until Microsoft shuts down the HockeyApp service on 16  November 2019.
Version 1.5.


1 (


7th May 2019)
  • [JENKINS-57005] Favour Secret tokens over String tokens (#6057319] Pipeline fails with incorrect type (#61)
    • Note: Versions prior to 1.5.0 store tokens in plain text. You should consider these compromised and reconfigure you existing jobs.
Version 1.5.0 (1st May 2019)
  • [JENKINS-57005] Favour Secret tokens over String tokens (#60)
  • Borked. Do not use. Upgrade to 1.5.1.
Version 1.4.0 (25th November 2018)
  • The minimum required version of Jenkins that this plugin depends is Jenkins 2.73.3

  • Adding ability to get changelogs for Multibranch Pipeline (#54 - thanks Frank Ziegler)

  • [JENKINS-54498] version creation databoundconstructor regression (#56)
  • Clean up global configuration section (#57)
  • [JENKINS-54576] Pipeline baseurlholder should be optional (#58)
  • The pipeline API will change slightly with respect to the custom baseUrl property. If you receive the following error message:
    Invalid parameter "baseUrlHolder", did you mean "baseUrl"

    You will need to change your pipeline from:

    Code Block
    baseUrlHolder: [baseUrl: 'https://your.custom.url']


    Code Block
    baseUrl: 'https://your.custom.url'