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Comment: Scheduled tasks and compatibility


First you must set that machine as a node (slave), you can follow this guide to do so.

Afterwards you can use the Node and Label Parameter Plugin, following the guide provided in its wiki achieving this goal should be straightforward.


stage ('Run AppScan Standard') {
    node {
        step([$class: 'AppScanStandardBuilder', additionalCommands: '', authScanPw: '',
             authScanUser: '', includeURLS: '', installation: 'AppScan Standard Default',
             pathRecordedLoginSequence: '', policyFile: '', reportName: '', startingURL: ''])



Scheduled Tasks for version 2.9

  • Implement Quality Gate support for AppScan Standard (fails build on % of errors)


This version of the plugin was tested with Version 2.8 of this plugin is compatible with:

  • Jenkins 2.0


  • up to 2.


  • 73.2 (LTS), compatibility should remain with weekly releases as well.
  • IBM Security AppScan Standard 9.0.3 up to