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CloudBees Jenkins Advisor is a free diagnostics services which distills years of Jenkins expertise into recommendations tailored to your Jenkins environment.

titleNew Lower Jenkins Core Requirement

Now you can use CloudBees Jenkins Advisor if you are running on any Jenkins version 2.19.3 or higher.



This plugin periodically uploads support bundles to a diagnostics service hosted by CloudBees. Once an issue is detected, it advises you on solutions using CloudBees’ expansive knowledge base of common and known issues.


  • Upload size >200 mb - the CloudBees Jenkins Advisor service only supports scanning up to 200 mb of instance data. You can check whether the data upload size is too large by looking in the $JENKINS_HOME/support  folder and reviewing the size of the zip files within. If they are too large, use above-mentionedoned data configuration options to opt out of including some file types in your bundle.


1.3 (17 Nov. 2017)

Now supports 2.19.3+!

Connectivity indicator display on configuration page

Logging improvements

Additional test coverage

1.2 (5 Sept. 2017)

Fix for "Connect Now" error.