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The available parameters are:

  • credentialsId: The id of the github's credentials to use, must be of type UsernameAndPasswordMake sure the credentials have write access, as stated by doc Users with push access can create commit statuses for a given ref
  • status: The status to send, one of SUCCESS, FAILURE, ERROR or PENDING
  • description: The description that will appear at the notification
  • context: The notifications context, GH uses the context to diferentiate notifications (optional, jenkins/githubnotify is used by default)
  • sha: The sha that identifies the commit to notify status
  • repo: The repo that ows the commit we want to notify
  • account: The account that owns the repository
  • gitApiUrl: GitHub's Enterprise instance API url (optional, is used by default)
  • targetUrl: The targetUrl for the notification

    Code Block
    githubNotify account: 'raul-arabaolaza', context: 'Final Test', credentialsId: 'raul-github',
        description: 'This is an example', repo: 'acceptance-test-harness', sha: '0b5936eb903d439ac0c0bf84940d73128d5e9487'
        , status: 'SUCCESS', targetUrl: ''

    Aditionally the step is able to infer most of this data when running from a pipeline multibranch job, in that the call is greatly simplified:

Code Block
githubNotify context: 'Notification key', description: 'This is a shorted example',  status: 'SUCCESS'