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This (experimental) plug-in exposes the jenkins build extension points (SCM, Build, Publish) to a groovy scripting environment that has some DSL-style extensions for ease of development.


Sometimes when using Jenkins, one comes across the situation whereby the system doesn't /quite/ do what you want it to, and you need to extend a particular plugin in order to get something done. There are occasions where you want this to be done inside the SCM - either for doing multiple checkouts, or in responding to the 'is this job requiring a new build' trigger, sometimes as a build step, and sometimes as a post-build, publishing action.


The parameter names are those that would have been returned by the web (stapler) page. However - these are not particularly exposed for end-users, so some sourcecode digging is sometimes needed.


Utility functions


There are several convenience features for common things such as finding a project. E.g, you can do 

Code Block
build project("myProject")

To trigger a build of myProject

Build Chains

One of the experimental ideas in the plugin is one of build chains - that you can specify an ordered set of builds to be done:


When it fails (particularly using hpi:run rather than a full jenkins install) the classloader seems to explode in interesting ways...

Version History

0.1 : Initial version

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