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While developing the ideas that became the literate project type, this was one of the initial early steps.

Initially this project type was rejected as configuring it throws a lot of Null Pointer Exceptions in the log file because most Jenkins plugins that define Builders, Publishers, etc. assume that they are being configured from an instance of AbstractProject (which is not the case with this plugin). The NPEs are harmless and do not affect the functionality of the plugin... but they are annoying!

After much pestering by Jesse Glick, Stephen Connolly finally relented and released this plugin. Somebody else can take over development if they find it useful. Hopefully they may find a hack to make broken descriptors not throw an NPE... if not, perhaps users of this plugin will petition plugin authors to prevent the invalid assumption (as they can point to this plugin as an example of the assumption being invalid)

Multi-Branch Project Plugin does something similar and may be more stable.but is released. On the other hand it does not integrate with the Branch API plugin.

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Version 0.1 (TBD)