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Important Upgrade Information
Version 1.2.0 now uses the Credentials Plugin to manage usernames and passwords to connect to the database. If you were using username & password configuration in the previous version of this plugin, be aware that credentials will be automatically created upon plugin update.


Adds liquibase changeset evaluation as an available build steprelated operations (update, rollback, and dbdoc generation) as available build steps. See Liquibase documentation at
Any evaluated changesets are listed Evaluated changesets and their details appear on the build's summary page, as well as details about each changeset.   In addition, supplies a build step to roll back applied changesets.

Uses liquibase version 3.5.1.


Known Limitations

  • Jenkins master will need to be able to connect to the target database. If, due to network constraints, your Jenkins slave node can initiate this connection but your Jenkins master cannot, consider the workaround described in JENKINS-41002, which uses port forwarding to facilitate database connectivity.


  • Install the liquibase-runner plugin using Jenkins' plugin manager. Depending on how you use and configure the plugin, you may need to install a database server, and potentially your target schema.
  • Once installed, three build steps are made available: "Evaluate liquibase changesets", "Generate Liquibase dbDoc", and "Rollback liquibase changes".


1.1.0 (Aug 30, 2016)

Thanks to David Siegal for suggestions, testing, and guidance for this release.

1.0.2 (May 4, 2016)

  • Initial Release