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This plugin allows you to capture report from JMeter. Hudson will generate graphic charts with the trend report of performance and robustness, and will set the final status of the build .

Release 0.3 includes the feature of setting the final build status as good, unstable or failed, based on the reported jmeter error percentage.


In Hudson, configure the file to be parsed by JMeter plugin and .

If you have are using version 0.3, you can configure the error percentage thresholds which would make the project unstable or failed.


Using the latest plugin release

You need subversion, maven and java installed in your computer.

Code Block

$ svn checkout jmeter (username is 'guest' and password 'guest'
$ cd jmeter
$ mvn package
$ cp target/jmeter.hpi <path_to_hudson>/data/plugins


Added threshold parameters in order to report the build process as unstable or failed based on the error percentage.