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The current release is available in the download section. This plug-in is developed and maintained by Reik Schatz. Please use the Hudson mailing lists or the Testability Explorer mailing list to ask questions, create feature request or bug reports.

Installation and Configuration

Download and install the plugin. Restart Hudson, then go to your project and click on Configure in the left menu. Check Publish Testability Explorer Report. Enter the correct path to your Testability Explorer report files. The path will be relative to your project root. The project root is usually where your build.xml (Ant) or pom.xml (Maven) file is located. Let's say as part of your build, you create the Testability Explorer report in reports/testability/result.xml, then the Report File Pattern for Hudson would have to be reports/testability/result.xml or reports/testability/*.xml if you want to use a Wildcard.

The Testability Threshold is a number value representing an overall testability cost. By setting a threshold, you define that your project code base must not have a higher testability cost than this number. If the testability cost is higher, the build will become unstable.


Version 0.1
  • First version