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The plugin is proof of concept of the Build game that was created by Clint Shank. The idea behind the game is to decreasing the number of times a build becomes broken. To win the game the developers have to commit code that is compiling and keep adding unit tests.



The plugin is not activated for all jobs at start, each job has to activate the game. The game can also be de-activated in one job if some large merge activity is going to take place. To activate the game for a job, go to the job configuration page and check the Continuous integration game box.


For each build the game calculates, according to the rules, the number of points that it is worth. Each user that is responsible for the build (ie comitters) receives the points.
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Clicking on the link shows what rules that were involved in the point calculation.
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Leader board

To see who is winning the build game, there is a leader board that is shown on the front page.


The rules of the game are:

  • -10 for breaking a build
  • +1 for doing a build with no failures (unstable builds gives no points)
  • -1 for each new test failures
  • +1 for each new test that passes


Version 1.0

  • Initial version with hard coded rules