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This should create target/*.hpi file. Other users can use Hudson's web UI to upload this plugin to Hudson (or place it in $HUDSON_HOME/plugins.)

Releasing to

If you have the commit access to the hudson project (and we are giving it away for any plugin developer — you just need to ask) and the maven2-repository project (again you just need to ask), then the easiest way to publish a plugin is to run the maven release plugin:

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$ mvn release:prepare release:perform

This will perform all the usual release activity, and it will also post the plugin to the download section.


Don't forget to configure your login information, which is required for the uploading to succeed. See this document for details

On Windows you may need to install a CVS client and change the command in the following way (otherwise you will get a CVS authorization error):

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$ mvn -Dmaven.scm.provider.cvs.implementation=cvs_native release:prepare release:perform

Other Tips

  1. Consider running Maven like mvn -o ... to avoid hitting repositories every time. This will make various operations considerably faster.
  2. Subscribe to from here so that we can get in touch with you.
  3. When you bump up the version of Hudson you depend on, make sure to run mvn clean once, in particular to delte target/work that Jetty uses. Otherwise your Jetty may continue to pick up old left-over jar files.