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Version 3 is out! This new major version enhances build information and improves SCM configuration parameters. Big shout-out to Housemarque, who contributed enormously to this new batch of changes. Enjoy!

(warning) Important (warning)  Jenkins baseline version is now 2.60.3 and Plastic SCM client minimum version is! Please ensure you have your software up to date before upgrading the Plastic SCM plugin.


  • Configuration changed: the Workspace Name parameter was replaced by a new Subdirectory parameter. This allows you full control over where Plastic SCM will download the contens without having to worry about workspace name duplicity. Workspace names are now randomly generated every time the CLI client needs to create a workspace.
    • The Subdirectory parameter has smart validation: it can be empty if there's only a single workspace but required if additional workspaces are selected.
  • All builds will have a "last changeset info" now, even if an old build is re-run or there aren't any new changes in the Plastic SCM server.
  • Show Plastic SCM changeset information in the Job status view.
  • Added the Plastic SCM Build Data view
  • Configuration forms are protected against CSRF attacks. This ensures that only users with configuration permissions can check/validate repository access.
  • Massive code refactoring to match common Java coding standars
  • Included Checkstyle to verify code style and quality
  • Added translation support to UI snippets
  • Added a README file in the GitHub repository with software requirements and instructions about how to develop the plugin