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This plugin integrates Polyspace® products with Jenkins for automated analysis. Polyspace® static code analysis products can prove absence of critical run-time errors using formal methods, find hundreds of classes of bugs, and check for adherence to coding rules (MISRA C, MISRA C++, JSF++) and security rules (CWE, CERT-C, CERT-C++, ISO/IEC 17961).


  • Running Automating code analysis with Polyspace Bug Finder Server or Polyspace Code Prover Server on checked-in C/C++ code
  • Uploading Polyspace results (bugs, run-time errors, coding standard violations, code complexity metrics and other findings) to the Polyspace Access web interface for review
  • Setting up
  • Avoiding regressions from new code checks-ins with pass/fail criteria for builds based on Polyspace resultsFiltering results
  • Uploading Polyspace results to a web server for collaborative review
  • Assigning owners to results based on predefined criteria such as file ownership or impact of defects
  • Sending e-mail notifications with new findings to file owners

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Product Requirements

You require these products to use the MathWorks Polyspace plugin in Jenkins: