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How can I troubleshoot problems of trigger of downstream pipelines

  • Enable the The Pipeline Maven Plugin uses the Jenkins log levels (see here) to output additional troubleshooting information in the pipeline build logs (the "Console Output" menu of the build)
  • To output additional troubleshooting information about the  trigger of downstream pipelines, enable in "Manage Jenkins / System Log" (docs here)  the following loggers at a level FINE or FINER or more:
    • org.jenkinsci.plugins.pipeline.maven.publishers.PipelineGraphPublisher
    • org.jenkinsci.plugins.pipeline.maven.listeners.DownstreamPipelineTriggerRunListener
  • Re run the pipeline that is supposed to trigger downstream pipelines.
  • Look at the pipeline build logs , troubleshooting ("Console Output" menu), ensure that the build is completed and that the following message is displayed in the logs: "[withMaven] downstreamPipelineTriggerRunListener - completed in XXX ms". Troubleshooting details are added

How do I capture the log file generated by the Jenkins Maven Event Spy