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This plugin sends messages to an MQ, e.g. RabbitMQ whenever a build is started and finished. It also sends a message when a build enters and leaves the queue.
By extending this plugin, developers can add events for when to send messages to MQ.



h3. General information

The plugin connects to an MQ, e.g. RabbitMQ and sends messages during specific events. In its first version, the messages are sent when:
* A build is added to the queue
* A build leaves the queue (either to be built or is cancelled)
* A build starts
* A build finishes (either when the build is finished or when it is aborted)

The basic use case is for other systems to interact with Jenkins. An example is a system that triggers a build using the rest API of Jenkins,
then waits for the build to finish. The system wants to present information about these builds. The alternative to listening to an MQ is for the system
to continuously poll Jenkins for information of the build status.

Other events can be added to the plugin by extending it.

h3. Message format

h5. Entering queue


h5. Leaving queue


h5. Build started

"state":"STARTED","url":"http://urltojenkins:port/jenkins/job/myjob/buildnumber/","causes":\{"UserIdCause", "Started by user Bunny McQueen"\},"parameters":\{"parameter1":"parametervalue","parameter2":"otherparametervalue"\}

h5. Build finished


h3. Settings


The settings are all MQ-related. The only required settings are the MQ URI, for where to find the MQ server and Exchange name,
for where to send the messages inside the MQ. The other settings are all optional and related to your MQ setup, you can read more
about them at e.g. the RabbitMQ site here: [RabbitMQ docs|]

h2. Change Log

h4. Version 1.2.7 (released Sep 25, 2018)

[Fix security issue|]

h4. Version 1.2.6 (released Mar 06, 2018)
Refactoring some code to easier allow other plugins to easier send standalone messages to RabbitMQ.

h4. Version 1.2.5 (released Mar 06, 2018)
Add an option to disable/enable the plugin (Thanks Huaxing Sun)

*Please note:* After upgrade and initial restart the plugin will not be enabled. Go to Configure Jenkins -> Enable Notifier in the 'MQ Notifier' section.

h4. Version 1.2.4 (released Oct 02, 2017)

Add "Build Duration" time to the published AMQP event.

h4. Version 1.2.3 (released June 08, 2017)

Added a null check to fix NullPointerExceptions in the CauseProvider

h4. Version 1.2.2 (released May 22, 2017)

Collect additional build and host data (project names, jenkins master fqdn)
Collect data about time spent in queue and assigned label

h4. Version 1.2.1 (released Feb 16, 2017)
Added an extension point for providing data to the notifier

h4. Version 1.2.0 (released Dec 22, 2016)

Support for pipeline projects

h4. Version 1.1.5 (released Dec 09, 2016)

Added internal queue for when connection to MQ is down.
Several fixes regarding saving of the configuration.
Build parameters added to all of the existing messages.

h4. Version 1.0 (released May 18, 2016)

Initial release