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Comment: Jenkins Clover Plugin 4.10.0

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This plugin allows you to capture code coverage reports from OpenClover - a free and open source tool based on source code of Atlassian Clover. Jenkins will generate and track code coverage across time. This plugin can be used without the need to modify your build.xml.


  1. Install Jenkins Clover Plugin.
  2. Install clover.jar in Ant's classpath (since Jenkins Clover Plugin 4.10.0).

Automatic integration for Ant builds


Clover can be integrated into Ant-based builds without the need to modify the build.xml (star) . Simply check the "Automatically record and report Code Coverage" checkbox in the Job configuration screen.

The Clover plugin will add an Ant build listener and appropriate configuration parameters to allow Clover HTML, XML, JSON and Historical reports to be generated for your Job.

These will automatically be linked to from the Job and Build pages.


(star) It works for typical build configurations in which unit tests are launched after compilation. In case you spawn processes, run in-container tests, deploy application to another machine etc then the automatic integration will not be sufficient and you'll have to set up integration manually.



install clover:instrument | -N clover:aggregate clover:site

Version history

Version 4.10.0 (September 22, 2018)

  • Upgrade to OpenClover 4.3.1, which brings support for Java 9
  • Upgrade notes: you have to install clover.jar in Ant's classpath if you want to use automatic integration in Ant builds. See OpenClover 4.3.0 release notes for more details.

Version 4.9.0 (March 6, 2018)

  • Fixed bugs:
    • JENKINS-33610 - fixed IOException when running Clover on remote agents (it was impossible to run Clover on them)
    • JENKINS-34439 - solved various exceptions thrown when running Clover in pipieline builds
    • JENKINS-45981 - removed empty 'Manage Clover' section in global config
    • fixed automatic Clover integration not working on Windows on newer Jenkins versions (a change in how "cmd.exe /C ant.bat" is ran caused that Clover was not appending it's parameters to the command); also added additional logging
    • automatic integration does not attempt to auto-integrate with non-Ant tasks in the project (checks for presence of "ant.bat" or "ant" in the command)
  • Refreshed look&feel of the 'OpenClover summary report' page
  • Minimum Jenkins version is 1.642.3 (upgraded dependency on Wokflow Plugin to 2.0 - aka Pipelines Plugin)


  • Plugin uses OpenClover - a free and open source fork of Atlassian Clover (which is no longer developed by Atlassian, see this blog post)
  • You no longer need a license key to run Clover (smile)


Version 4.7.1 (December 19, 2016)