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More information is available at



Version 1.2.9 (unreleased)


  • JENKINS-50652 - Don't fire failure for aborted/timed-out sh and bat steps.
  • JENKINS-41239 - Add new cleanup post condition to always run, after every other post condition has run.

Version 1.2.8 (Apr 5, 2018)

  • JENKINS-49677 - Better uniqueness on Dockerfile tag name.
  • JENKINS-49226 - Add new equals condition for when.
  • JENKINS-49976 - Prevent serialization warnings related to ModelASTValue inner classes.
  • JENKINS-41060 - Add new fixed and regression post conditions.
  • JENKINS-49558 - Add new newContainerPerStage option, which will spin up a fresh container of a docker or dockerfile top-level agent for each stage, rather than reusing the same container across all stages.
  • JENKINS-48523when conditions for checking if building a git tag or a change request (such as a GitHub pull request).
  • JENKINS-47106 - Properly support alwaysPull option in top-level agent docker
  • JENKINS-49893 - Declarative Directive Generator added.