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Comment: Describe ssh-plugin 2.6 release


  • i18n
  • we also need a post deploy script (ask some of the core team how to do that)
  • investigate stop behavior of Hudson jobs using the ssh Plugin
  • use same sites as scp plugin (plugin dependencies???)
  • ...




Version 2.6 (April 7 2018)
  • [JENKINS-46172] Handle NPE when not all fields are specified & save only properly configured sites

  • [JENKINS-10128] Set build to UNSTABLE when no SSH site is configured instead of NPE
  • Add Jenkinsfile to plugin
  • bump ssh-credentials dependency to 1.12
  • Add ajax validation to essential ssh host fields

INFO: the "Add Credentials" button for SSH Site don't work in recent Jenkins 2.x versions - this will be fixed in upcoming 3.0 version.
(major version since plugin will have to migrate it's configuration to new format)

Version 2.5 (July 8 2017)
  • [JENKINS-21436] Integrate with the SSH Credentials Plugin; previous credentials are migrated

  • [JENKINS-23231] Add timeout parameter

  • [JENKINS-24913] Don't show sensitive build variables in console log

  • [JENKINS-12191] Restore resolving hostname from environment variables

  • [JENKINS-12191] Support build variables (substitution variables) during command execution (env variables are exported before the script)

  • [JENKINS-24402] Updated to latest version of JSch (0.1.54) to support modern algorithms

  • Pull JSch dependency via Jenkins hosted jsch-plugin to use recommended way of getting common dependencies in Jenkins

  • Set Jenkins 1.609.3 as the oldest supported version

  • Show warning for missing parameters during ajax form validation

  • Fix security issue