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The Pretested Integration plugin will re-use the credentials for configured for the SCM that performed the merge. That means that if you've properly configured credentials in your git plugin, that is, credentials with write acces to your repository no further configuration is required. 

The recommended setup and git workflow

Here is a simple git workflow where you can work on a features branch, and when ready push to a ready-branch. The Pretested Integration plugin, if configured as described will then pick up your changes, merge them and verify them. If verified they are integrated on the integration branch. The ready branch are automatically deleted if integration was successful.


  • Use one repository in your job configuration - the integration repository. Avoid using several repositories - model your dependencies in other (better) ways.
  • Name your repository origin
  • Use master as integration branch (destination).
  • Use origin/ready/** as specifier for ready branches - only branches matching this expression will trigger the build


The simple Git workflow

Get your repository up to date:


The change will be picked up by the plugin if configured as shown in next sectionthe picture below.

  • You can then delete your local branch and continue with a new feature or development branch.
  • You are free to push to any branch name not matching the ready branch naming convention without triggering an integration build.

This is how the default configuration should look like:

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And a publisher to delete on success:

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Integration flow

Below is a simplified diagram of what Pretested Integration actually does once you've pushed your branch to integrate.
At the start, HEAD is at the integration branch, ready to merge in your branch.
In the end the merge result is verified and, if successful, pushed.