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Plugin version

a³ version


16.04i Build 268982 (and higher)


17.10 Build 278980 (and higher)
For the usage of the new a³ floating/department license mechanism.
Otherwise: 16.04i Build 268982 (and higher)


The AbsInt a³ plugin for Jenkins performs the following functions:


  • Install the plugin using the Plugin Manager, and restart Jenkins.
  • Go to the global configuration page (Manage Jenkins > Configure System).
  • Find the a³ Configuration Section and specify
    1. the location for the AbsInt Launcher (alauncher) program
    1.   OR      
    2. a path where the a³ installer packages are stored.
      The plugin will identify the corresponding installer for your target CPU with the highest build number, copy & unpack that into the Jenkins workspace so that you do not have to install an a³ copy on every jenkins node.
    ( In both cases you may use environment variables like ${ALAUNCHER_DIR} which you can set on every jenkins node individually! ).
  • Optionally: Provide the server address/name for the AbsInt License Manager (ALM) with it's port. This complements the non-installation variant (see 2. above) for a³ in a perfect way.

Job Setup and Project Configuration Settings


When upgrading, make sure that all jobs using the a³ plugin are finished and not running during upgrade. For best results, restart your Jenkins after upgrade.


Version 1.1.0 (October 05, 2017)

  • Improved Support for Multi-Node Jenkins Build Systems (with Jenkins Masters and Slaves).
  • Automatic detection of the node OS (Windows OR Linux supported).
  • Support for automatic copy & unpacking of a³ installer packages into Jenkins Workspace. I.e. executing a³ analyses without a³ tool installation possible.
  • Support for new a³ Floating/Department License mechanism: One can specify the ALM server address and port directly in the a³ Jenkins System Configuration.

Version 1.0.3 (August 08, 2017)

  • Collect analysis HTML report files into Jenkins Workspace.
  • Analysis IDs are linked from build "Console Output".
  • Improved XML Result file processing.