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Comment: update changelog for ssh-plugin 2.5 version


Version 2.5 (July 8 2017)
  • added SSH Timeout
  • fixed

    [JENKINS-21436] Integrate with the SSH Credentials Plugin; previous credentials are migrated

  • [JENKINS-23231] Add timeout parameter

  • [JENKINS-24913] Don't show sensitive build variables in console log

  • [JENKINS-12191] Restore resolving hostname from environment variables

  • [JENKINS-12191] Support build variables (substitution variables) during command execution (env variables are exported before the script)

  • [JENKINS-24402] Updated to latest version of JSch (0.1.54) to support modern algorithms

  • Pull JSch dependency via Jenkins hosted jsch-plugin to use recommended way of getting common dependencies in Jenkins

  • Set Jenkins 1.609.3 as the oldest supported version

  • Show warning for missing parameters during ajax form validation

  • Fix security issue

Due to added integration with SSH Credentials Plugin, this version might NOT be fully compatibile with previous version. Sorry!

Please backup your org.jvnet.hudson.plugins.SSHBuildWrapper.xml before upgrading to version 2.5.

Version 2.4 (Jan 08 2014)