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Version History

version 2.8

  •  Fixed a NullPointerException while using "IncludeURLs" in advanced section

version 2.7

  •  Fixed Jenkins required core
  •  Removed unnecessary dependency

version 2.6

  •  Fixed pipeline support and added respective how-to at the bottom of this page

Project Description

The purpose of this plugin is to allow Jenkins to perform dynamic analysis with IBM AppScan Standard with minimal configuration.


This version of the plugin was tested with Jenkins 2.0, 2.7 and 2.17 and IBM Security AppScan Standard 9.0.3.

Version History

version 2.7

  • Fixed Jenkins required core
  • Removed unnecessary dependency

version 2.6

  • Fixed pipeline support.



  • Create an option that enables/disables AppScan Standard feed from Jenkins log.
  • Display a message if AppScan Standard installation can't be found.