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Please raise any issues you find with the plugin or requests for additional features within the plugin's Jira instance.


Jenkins 1.159 - 2016-12-14

  • update to upstream sauce connect - 4.4.2

Jenkins 1.158 - 2016-11-10

  • update to upstream sauce connect - 4.4.1

Jenkins 1.157 - 2016-10-24

Version 1.154 - 2016-06-24

  • Fixed NullPointer exception thrown in build stage publish results.

Version 1.152 - 2016-05-11

  • Removed storing log files internally for parsing, should fix a bunch of memory related issues

Version 1.151 - 2016-04-13

  • Minimum required Jenkins version now bumped up to 1.609.2
  • Added beta support for Jenkins Pipeline by creating two new blocks:
    • The sauce {} block enables sauce credential variables
    • The sauceconnect {} block (inside of sauce) handles the starting and stopping sauce connect
  • Adding link to test results page in sauce directly from Jenkins sauce results page

Version 1.150 - 2016-03-28

  • Updated supplied sauce connect - 4.3.14

Version 1.149 - 2016-01-26

Version 1.148 - 2016-01-21

Version 1.147 - 2015-12-11

  • Output environment prefixes when verbose logging of environment variables
  • Revert and re-add sauce parameterized build support
  • Update sauce connect

Version 1.146 - 2015-11-25

  • Added Permissions (Job Configure) to be able to generate jenkins support zip for sauce labs.

Version 1.145 - 2015-11-24 (Less Technical Release Notes)

Version 1.144 - 2015-11-13

Version 1.143 - 2015-11-9

  • Bump sauce connect version to latest upstream (4.3.12)
  • Fix "Send build usage data to Sauce Labs" saving/loading and move it to global configs
  • Update job security level from public to share

Version 1.142 - 2015-10-20

  • Add in `SAUCE_USERNAME` env variable for consistency with the rest of examples / documentation
  • Add in `SAUCE_ACCESS_KEY` env variable for consistency with the rest of examples / documentation
  • Jenkins when managing tunnel identifiers will generate a new port as well to prevent collisions

Version 1.134

  • Ensure that selected browser is displayed for matrix projects

Version 1.133

  • JENKINS-29421 Resolve NullPointerException

Version 1.132

  • Include Sauce Connect 4.3.10

Version 1.131

  • Resolve test connection error
  • Add ability to auto generate tunnel identifier

Version 1.130

  • Updated multi-select lists to use Chosen (
  • Removed SeleniumRC related references
  • Include Sauce Connect 4.3.9
  • List of Sauce jobs moved to bottom of Jenkins project page and now includes Name, OS/Browser/Version, Pass/Fail, Link to video/log
  • Jenkins project page now includes a 'Generate support zip' link which will create a zip file of the Sauce Connect log and Jenkins build output
  • Jenkins build output now includes log lines to indicate when plugin has started/finished processing
  • Included fixes for JENKINS-29047 and JENKINS-29119

Version 1.129

  • Display a warning message if builds are run with Sauce Connect v3. Support for Sauce Connect v3 is scheduled to cease on August 19 2015 (Sauce Connect 4 should be used instead).

Version 1.128

  • Ensure that all tunnels are closed when pidfile locked error occurs

Version 1.128

  • Ensure that all tunnels are closed when pidfile locked error occurs

Version 1.127

  • Use latest Sauce REST library, which ensures that valid SSL protocol is used

Version 1.126

  • Set the platform to iOS for Appium iOS devices

Version 1.125

  • Attempt to relaunch Sauce Connect if pidfile has a lock

Version 1.124

  • Fix error when Sauce Connect path was empty string

Version 1.123

  • Support supplying the path to an existing Sauce Connect installation, and include Sauce Connect 4.3.8

Version 1.122

  • Resolve NullPointerException when processing results with no test data

Version 1.121

  • Process stdout lines when no test publisher has been defined

Version 1.120

  • Use Sauce Connect 4.3.7

Version 1.119

  • Resolve NullPointerException in result parsing

Version 1.118

  • Include fix for JENKINS-25236

Version 1.117

  • Lock startup of Sauce Connect based on tunnel identifier

Version 1.116

  • Add ability to specify a prefix for the SELENIUM_* environment variables, fix JENKINS-26662

Version 1.115

  • Include 32-bit Linux Sauce Connect

Version 1.114

  • Query Sauce REST API to see if there are any active tunnels before launching new tunnel

Version 1.113

  • Include fixes for JENKINS-25237, JENKINS-25756, JENKINS-25236

Version 1.112

  • Include 32-bit Linux version of Sauce Connect

Version 1.111

  • Restore platform to SAUCE_ONDEMAND_BROWSERS environment variable

Version 1.110

  • Append 'Simulator' to iOS device names and include Sauce Connect 4.3.6

Version 1.109

  • Retrieve supported Appium browsers from Sauce REST API

Version 1.108

  • Include device attribute values for multi configuration projects

Version 1.107

  • Don't display the Sauce badge if unable to connect to Sauce Labs

Version 1.106

  • Include Sauce Connect 4.3.5.

Version 1.105

  • Add latest iOS and Android versions to Appium devices.

Version 1.104

  • Make Sauce Test Publisher available to all build types

Version 1.103

  • Allow users to specify run conditions for Sauce Connect

Version 1.102

  • Supply browser's long name as part of SAUCE_ONDEMAND_BROWSERS environment variable

Version 1.101

  • Supply short and long version in SAUCE_ONDEMAND_BROWSERS environment variable

Version 1.100

  • Support retrieving latest version of browser

Version 1.99

  • Support portrait and landscape device orientation

Version 1.97

  • Removed sauceConnectHandler instance variable

Version 1.93

  • The plugin will treat Sauce Connect startup timeouts as errors, which will cause the build to fail (previously these errors were only being logged). Verbose logging of Sauce Connect is now enabled by default.

Version 1.92

  • Updated plugin to use Sauce Connect version 4.3

Version 1.90

  • Use the Suite Result stdout and stderr in addition to the Case Result

Version 1.89

  • Added a 'Verbose logging' option to the Job Configuration page, which will enabled the Sauce Connect output to be included with the job console output

Version 1.88

  • Fix issue with selection of 'Use Sauce Connect v3' option not saving

Version 1.87

  • The default behaviour of launching Sauce Connect is now to launch on the Slave node instead of the Master node.

Version 1.86

  • Recompiled linux build of Sauce Connect

Version 1.85

  • Updated plugin to use Sauce Connect version 4.2

Version 1.84

  • Use correct directory for Sauce Connect running under Windows

Version 1.83

  • Use Jenkins proxy information to retrieve list of supported browsers from Sauce Labs

Version 1.80

  • Use latest version of Sauce Connect (both v4 and v3)

Version 1.74

  • Add support for Sauce Connect version 4

Version 1.68

  • Use Jenkins proxy settings when retrieving list of supported browsers from Sauce Labs

Version 1.67

  • Only display the Sauce badge for the applicable build. Set the pass/fail status based on the test result, not the Jenkins build

Version 1.66

  • Performance improvements for parsing and updating jobs

Version 1.65

  • Provide support for specifying Sauce build parameters. Use Jenkins proxy settings when calling Sauce REST API. Resized embedded Sauce report.

Version 1.64

  • Added some extra logging (no new functionality)

Version 1.63

  • Added some extra logic to ensure that Sauce reports are displayed within project/build result pages

Version 1.62

  • Attempt to use username and access key set at main config if no build action available

Version 1.61

  • Return a report if the list if IDs is found without needing the REST API

Version 1.60

  • Use proxy settings set within Jenkins configuration when performing calls to Sauce REST API

Version 1.59

  • Only update metadata for Sauce Jobs if no data already exists on job

Version 1.58

  • Ensure that pass/fail status is only set if it hasn't already been set

Version 1.57

  • Bumped ci-sauce version

Version 1.56

  • Included updates to UI labels
  • Bumped ci-sauce version to fix https protocol issues

Version 1.55

  • Resolve NullPointerException error

Version 1.54

  • Set the pass/fail status based on the build status

Version 1.53

  • Set pass/fail status for all jobs parsed by the plugin

Version 1.52

  • Ensure that logParserMap is not null when decorating logger

Version 1.51

  • JENKINS-17303 Resolve NPE when navigating to non-Sauce projects

Version 1.50

  • Handle null logParser

Version 1.49

  • Use latest version of Sauce Connect

Version 1.48

  • Added Sauce job summary table to project page. Pass through command options to Sauce Connect

Version 1.47

  • Handle null browser when outputting browser JSON

Version 1.46

  • Use latest version of Sauce Connect

Version 1.45

  • Handle null browser

Version 1.44

  • Fixed errors with test connection function

Version 1.43

  • Ensure that spaces aren't used for directories created by multi-config projects

Version 1.42

  • Include Sauce build status badges in Jenkins dashboard list

Version 1.41

  • Updated logic which compared test name with Sauce job

Version 1.40

  • Ensure log parsing is thread safe

Version 1.39

  • Add name column to results table

Version 1.38

  • Use raw platform string as SELENIUM_PLATFORM environment variable

Version 1.37

  • Store build variables set by multi configuration projects as environment variables

Version 1.36

  • Include username and access key in SELENIUM_DRIVER environment variable

Version 1.35

  • Handle invalid characters as part of the base64 encoding of the Sauce REST authentication

Version 1.34

  • For Maven Jenkins projects, store the parent's build number against the Sauce Job using the Sauce REST API

Version 1.33

  • Remove non-alphanumeric characters from the build number stored against the Sauce Job

Version 1.32

  • Invoke the Sauce REST API to find jobs run against a specific build number when displaying the embedded Job results

Version 1.31

Version 1.30

  • Fall back to using InetAddress.getLocalHost() if Computer.currentComputer().getHostName() returns null when storing the SELENIUM_HOST environment variable

Version 1.29

  • Changed Jenkins parent version to 1.439 to cater for Cloudbees Jenkins version

Version 1.28

Version 1.27

  • Included ability to display links to Sauce jobs on the build summary page

Version 1.26

Version 1.25

Version 1.24

Version 1.23

Version 1.22

  • Changed code that handles displaying the embedded Sauce OnDemand results to reference

Version 1.21

  • Updated logic used to close Sauce Connect process

Version 1.20

Version 1.19

Version 1.18

Version 1.17

  • Restored Jenkins version dependency to 1.439

Version 1.16

  • Made variables used by log parser transient so that serialisation errors are resolved

Version 1.15

  • Included an option to specify whether to run Sauce Connect on the Slave or Master node

Version 1.14

Version 1.13

Version 1.12

  • Set the working directory when invoking Sauce Connect. The working directory can be set via the Adminstration interface, and will default to the user home directory if not set.

Version 1.11

  • Updated plugin to provide better support for multi-configuration jobs. The plugin will now launch a single instance of Sauce Connect per user. That is, if a multi-configuration Job is configured to run using multiple browsers, then only one Sauce Connect instance will be launched for the Jobs.
  • The plugin now also allows the user to specify the browser(s) to be used on the Job level.  If multiple browsers are selected, then they will be included in JSON format in a SAUCE_ONDEMAND_BROWSERS environment variable
  • Resolved JENKINS-12880 and JENKINS-12741

Version 1.10

Version 1.9

Version 1.8

  • Rebuilt plugin to include a missing dependency

Version 1.7

  • Updated plugin to reference Sauce CI library, which is logic common across the Jenkins and Bamboo plugins

Version 1.6

  • Integrated Sauce Connect 2 into the plugin
  • The plugin will also perform a check to see if a later version of Sauce Connect is available, which can be updated via the Administration interface

Version 1.5

  • Replaced video and server logs with embedded Sauce OnDemand reports.
  • Upload job information after the build (job name, build number, pass/fail status). This requires selenium-client-factory 1.3.

Version 1.4 (Oct 1, 2010)

  • Extended the time out (until the tunnel endpoint comes up) from 3 minutes to 5 minutes.

Version 1.3 (Sep 1, 2010)

  • Added a custom axis for the matrix projects to choose different browsers. This works in combination with selenium client factory.
  • You can now capture video and server logs into Hudson and watch them from within Hudson

Version 1.2

  • This plugin enables Hudson to manage SSH tunnels.