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  • Coverage File Path
    • The file must exist in the project's workspace.
    • If the file name is coverage.xml then the value of the field is the file name itself.
    • If the file is located in a subdirectory called dir (at workspace) then the value of the field is dir/coverage.xml.
    • The coverage report file, an xml file, must be in the following format as illustrated by the figure belowdata is reported to a test cycle in Zermatt as illustrated below. 

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  • Save configuration
    • Click on Apply and Save to save configuration.


  • Add a new topology set
    • A Topology Set describes a collection of machines required to execute a Test Case. Each machine may participate in a different role (e.g. client,server, database, Active Directory, proxy server, etc...). A test case may typically be executed on more than one topology set.
  • Associate topology to topology set
  • Create test plan
    • A test Plan identifies the following entities, viz.
      • The release and the project phase for which the plan exists.
      • The complete list of test suites (and specific test cases, contained in them) that should be executed during the course of the sprint.
      • The complete list of topology sets, where the test cases must be executed during the sprint.
  • Associate topology set to test plan

Change Log

Version 1.2.0 (Dec


6, 2016)

  • First release, split off from the core.