Jenkins Infrastructure :

Migration from to current state

Apache listens on and reverse proxy correctly to to make the deployment work without changing POM, as they currently deploy to m.j.o:8082. See for example.

When we switch PoC to production, tweak /etc/apache2/sites-available/ and ports.conf to listen on port 8081.


  • Maven repository index generation: combined index doesn't appear to include everything.
  • Bulk import of the current artifacts (pending action by Yoav)
  • Test if the generated index can be fed for update center

Maven repository index generation

We have a job on that's forcing index generation every 4 hours via Artifactory REST API.

Making nexus read-only

Nexus is turned into the read-only mode June 13th, now that new deployments are all going to Artifactory.

But in case it needs restoration, previously the permissions were: