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Finalize Run

  1. Generate Reports – The security alerts found by ZAP will be saved into a report file in the build's workspace.
    • Generate Report(info) Documentation, how to generate the default report(s) can be found here.

      Info: This generates a new report containing the alerts raised in a supported format (.html , .xml ).

      Info: This is the default method of report generation for ZAP.

    • Export Report(info) Documentation, how to export customized report(s) can be found here.

      Required: A plugin called Export Report which can be found in ZAP > Manage Add-ons > Marketplace.

      Info: An official ZAP marketplace extension which allows you to customize content and export in a desired format (.xhtml , .xml , .json ). Supports GUI, command line and API calls.

  2. Create JIRA Issues(info) Documentation, how to Create JIRA Issues can be found here.

    Warning: An unofficial ZAP extension which allows you to create JIRA issues. It is an add-on NOT bundled with ZAP, nor available in the marketplace. DOWNLOAD AT YOUR OWN RISK AND DISCRETION.

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