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Admin Configurations

  1. workspace
    • Represents the directory to the job's workspace on the Slave machine.

      Info: In this directory the ZAP session(s), report(s) and log(s) will be saved.

  2. Host and Port

    Required: The host and port set here should be the SAME set in Firefox and in the ZAP security tool.

    Notice: This should be the IP address of the Slave (the machine where ZAP security tool is installed).

    Info: Can override the default ZAP host (e.g. "localhost") and default ZAP port (e.g. "8090") for this job which were set under Jenkins Settings: ZAP Proxy Settings. Overriding the host and/or port allows to run multiple concurrent builds on different host(s) and/or port(s).

    Info: Accepts System Environment Variables, Build Variables as well as Environment Inject Plugin Variables(cannot be used during pre-build).

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