Jenkins : zap-plugin Generate Report

Generate Report: Finalize Run


  1. Generate Reports
    • Clear Workspace Reports

      Info: Delete all previously generated reports from the workspace before any new reports are generated. (.html , .xhtml , .xml , .json )

      Info: Useful when used in conjunction with Summary Display and HTML Publisher.

    • Filename

      Info: Specify a filename for the ZAP Report. Note that the file extension is not necessary. The report(s) will be saved into the Jenkins Job's Workspace.

      Info: Append the Build Variable BUILD_ID to the filename to ensure a quality name. e.g.


      Unknown macro: {BUILD_ID}



      Info: Accepts System Environment Variables, Build Variables as well as Environment Inject Plugin Variables(cannot be used during pre-build).

  2. Generate Report
    • Format

      Info: You can select multiple formats (.html , .xml ).


html.png (image/png)
json.png (image/png)
pdf.png (image/png)
xml.png (image/png)
doc.png (image/png)
bootstrap.png (image/png)
GENERATE_REPORT.png (image/png)