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Plugin Information

No information for the plugin 'windmill' is available. It may have been removed from distribution.

This plugin allows you to configure and run Windmill functional tests.

There has been a need to make the process for setting up a Windmill Jenkins build job much easier, so I finally sat down and wrote it.

Install the plugin via the web interface, and when you go create a new job there is a "Windmill Test" build option. This will provide you with a UI that allows you to input all the fields required to run the test.

Build the test, and blamo – go time.


Change Log

Version 1.5 (Feb 6, 2010)
  • Update code for more recent Hudson
Version 1.4 (Jun 25, 2009) (old wiki site)


  1. Unknown User (

    While Hudson says the windmill plugin is installed and enabled, I cannot find it in the 'add build step' drop-down.  Using v1.359. 

  2. Unknown User (joleary)

    hi there,

       I am having the same issue as Troy. Any resolution found? Fairly new to Hudson & Windmill testing for my job so is there something I need to kick for this to start appearing?

  3. Hey guys, just saw this – sorry your are having issues. I have added it to my todo list to get this working the way it should with the latest hudson release.


    1. Hi Adam,

      Any progress on this?

      Is there any workaround to manually edit config XML or something?


  4. I am having the same issue (Error) 

    Version 1.5