Jenkins : Who is using TestLink Plug-in

Here you will find some users of TestLink Plug-in and other additional info that help to understand the benefits of using the plug-in. Send an e-mail to Bruno P. Kinoshita to have your case listed here.


TupiLabs is an Open Source and innovation company based in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The plug-in is used to automate a series of internal projects using different programming languages and (mostly) TAP. 

Elektrobit Automotive GmbH

Elektrobit Automotive is the leading automotive software supplier for the world's biggest car manufacturers and Tier-1s, covering ECU applications as well as infotainment solutions (HMI, navigation, speech) and driver assistance applications. Testing is extremely important in our projects. We are using TestLink for requirements engineering, test specification and planning of test execution in an increasing number of projects. Automated tests are specified and planned in TestLink and executed via the TestLink-Jenkins plugin.
We appreciate the work of the developers of TestLink and the Jenkins plugin.

Sysmap Solutions

Sysmap Solutions is a Brazilian company with headquarters in Sao Paulo and branch offices in the cities of Belo Horizonte and Uberlandia. With extensive experience in complex and high-performance IT projects, our goal is to align ourselves with our clients’ business interests and to establish long-lasting partnerships to optimize results.

We are using the plug-in to integrate TestLink 1.9.1 and Jenkins 1.400. Our test project is developed for a mobile carrier customer and consists of TestNG and Selenium functional web tests. However we are planning to add new tests to test the Service Bus too.

Fifthplay NV

Fifthplay develops and produces innovative technologies for energy management in buildings and health monitoring of patients. We are also actively working on the further integration of technology into our buildings and cities.

We combine Jenkins with testlink to run Jmeter tests for web services.

Fifthplay is part of the Niko Group.