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Plugin Information

View Wall Display Master Project on the plugin site for more information.

The current version of this plugin may not be safe to use. Please review the following warnings before use:

A wall display that shows job build progress in a way suitable for public wall displays. Rendering is performed using javascript based on REST API calls, so requires no page refreshes. 

Demo and current development snapshot

For a live demo and the latest development snapshot see http://pelle.io/jenkins-walldisplay/.


Simply click on the 'Wall Display' link in the sidebar of your project. Configuration may be done globally via the jenkins administration screen and also via URL parameters (e.g. &theme=boss)

Sample Wall Display Tips

If you have a lot of jobs, try setting filters on your view. The follow example creates a wall display that only shows interesting builds, i.e. builds with any type of failure or builds that are currently building / in the build queue. 

Version History

Version 0.6.29
  • Bug fix - JENKINS-26873 Sorting by Status does not work correctly
Version 0.6.28
  • Bug fix - JENKINS-26745 : fix javascript error on undefined object
  • New Feature - The gravatar URL can now be configured in the plugin configuration (thanks to https://github.com/timlevett)
  • New Feature - The Junit result display can be switched of now
  • New Feature - Jenkins display name feature is used for job name display
Version 0.6.26
  • Bug fix - If there is no custom CSS theme to display it will no longer cause a JavaScript error
  • Bug fix - If there is a custom CSS theme to display, it will no longer repeatedly add (jQuery 'append') the CSS to the page, it will be appended onto the page once.
Version 0.6.25
  • Bug fix/UI enhancement - When there are no jobs for the filter to show, it will now print "No jobs to display" instead of an empty page
Version 0.6.24
  • Bug fix - Where a job that does not have any health report information would cause a JS error and the job would not be displayed correctly.
Version 0.6.23
Version 0.6.22 (snapshot)
  • UI Tweaks
  • Custom theme CSS can be provided through the configuration screen
  • New/Updated job info screen - touch a job panel to see further information, e.g. claim details, culprits, plus direct links to test results, console and build details. 
  • Claim Improvements - claim shown while next job building, claims don't interfere with title placement.
Version 0.6.16 (11.10.2012)
  • JENKINS-14660 Plugin doesn't work when using the Nested View plugin (thanks to rodikal)
  • JENKINS-15482 OOM when clicking on a view link inside a nested view
  • Encoding fix
  • Updated dependency to Jenkins 1.424 for JDK 7 support
  • Basic sorting support
Version 0.6.13 (21.09.2012)
  • JENKINS-14660 add support for Nested View plugin (thanks to rodikal)
  • Restrict by last run date (thanks to gavD, see pull request for details)
  • Add Gravatar display on the build wall (thanks to athieriot, see pull request for details)
Version 0.6.12 (11.07.2012)
  • JENKINS-14379 Wall Display Plugin fails when hits the build with 'yellow' status
  • Support for font family selection
  • Added option to omit disabled builds
Version 0.6.10 (15.06.2012)
  • Fix for JENKINS-12452 WallDisplay Plugin incompatible with IE8
  • Make bright colour for burrent build a little darker to increase contrast to white text
  • Added the HTML5 style document type
Version 0.6.9 (09.03.2012)
  • Added configuration for build number display
  • Added configuration for culprit
  • Added Colorblind Theme
Version 0.6.8 (unknown)
  • fixed job flickering
  • support for job names containing spaces
  • new theme with a dark background
  • api read intverval as well as read timeout is now configurable via the jenkins management page
Version 0.6.7 (Dec 14, 2011)
  • added build progress display for aborted jobs
  • reduced data fetched via job api
  • fixed broken job updates
  • fixed flickering jobs
  • added "boss" theme
  • fixed removal of deleted builds
Version 0.6.5 (Nov 25, 2011)
  • Support for nested views
  • Fixed display of error messages
  • Plugin now automatically reloads the page when a new plugin version is detected
Version 0.6.4 (Nov 15, 2011)
  • Fixed job sorting order
Version 0.6.1 (Nov 11, 2011)
  • First Html/Javascript based release
  • General maven and matrix jobs support
Version 0.5.11 (Jul 13, 2011)
  • plugin fails to read manually set job names when build parameters are defined
Version 0.5.10 (Jul 12, 2011)
  • plugin didn't work for jobs with multiple properties showing up in the api
  • marking of jobs with failed api calls (magenta colored jobs)
  • paint queued markers also for running jobs
Version 0.5.9 (Jul 11, 2011)
  • job names to display are no longer taken from jobs description, instead is configurable now (sorry I had to alter the behavior, but I think the new solution is much cleaner since the jobs description is there for other purposes)
  • the time for computation of job progress is now taken from http response header
  • job height calculation for one column displays corrected
Version 0.5.7 (Jun 06, 2011)
  • plugin now also works for jobs containing spaces
Version 0.5.6 (May 20, 2011)
  • fixed incorrect error with jobs that have not been executed yet
  • corrected width calculation
Version 0.5.3 (Mar 17, 2011)
  • fixed incorrect display with viewnames containing spaces


  1. Unknown User (docwhat)

    The source code link appears to be wrong. It should be: https://github.com/jenkinsci/walldisplay-plugin

    1. Unknown User (gavindavies@gmail.com)

      It's still wrong, over a year on! I tried to put in an issue but it won't accept my login

      1. Unknown User (pelle)

        The link should be ok now.

  2. Unknown User (glennh)

    Is there any documentaion on what the light green colour change means and what the dots are? 

    I had assumed that light green meant currently running however I have only 2 slaves and have seen three or four jobs in light green at times.  I guessed that the dots signified how many consequitive successfull builds there have been or perhaps where the job was in the build queue.


    1. Unknown User (pelle)

      The yellow dots indicate that the job is queued for build, the number of dots marks the position in the queue (a maximum off three are displayed) the plugin currently has a problem when many jobs and slaves are configured, a fix will be released soon (at least I hope so)

  3. Unknown User (valorin)

    It appears to be referencing 'MYDOMAIN.com:8080/queue/api/xml' , which has nothing on it. So it's not working for me.

    Is there a config flag/required plugin I am missing?

  4. Unknown User (cforce)

    We have authentfication required, where to enter user/pwd for the client.

    We only see MavenModukleSet:MavenModukleSet instead of job status view. See bug report. https://issues.jenkins-ci.org/browse/JENKINS-9895

    1. Unknown User (pelle)

      Just discovered the Issue, I'm working on it, experienced the same problem today

  5. Unknown User (yuno)

    When I use the plugin (Jenkins 1.404) I can see only one column, not two. What would I need to do to get two columns ? Is there a configuration parameter somewhere ?


    1. Unknown User (pelle)

      The plugin tries (and most times succeeds) to find the one column/row ratio that allows the biggest possible font to be displayed. there is (not yet) any parameter to alter the algorithm.

  6. Unknown User (theschles)

    I'm seeing a bunch of little upside down text.  Screenshot: http://screencast.com/t/Mu6OK1L2

    1. Unknown User (pelle)

      Can you confirm this behaviour for the current plugin version? (I just released 0.5.10, should show up in update center i a few hours)

      1. Unknown User (theschles)

        Will do -- just have to wait for it to show up in my update list

        1. Unknown User (theschles)

          I can only upgrade from 0.5.8 to 0.5.9 (which is the latest version listed at the top of this wiki page).  

          In fact, when did you release 0.5.10?  The version history at the top of this page says "Jun 12, 2011".

          1. Unknown User (pelle)

            The maven release process got stuck, the new plugin will show up soon (at least i hope so)

            1. Unknown User (theschles)

              Seems to be working now with 0.5.11

              (FYI the header of this page says 0.5.10 is the latest release, but my Jenkins found 0.5.11 automatically)

  7. Unknown User (docwhat)

    What do the colors mean? My jobs are only dark and light grey. Your image shows green.

    Are the colors configurable someplace?

    1. Unknown User (pelle)

      I updated the wiki page with a picture that (hopefully) explains the colors.

  8. Unknown User (theschles)

    How do I disable the display of a certain job?

    We are using Jenkins Template for PHP which requires one to first import a template job, then copy the template job whenever creating a new job.  I don't want to see that template job on my wall display -- how do I disable its display?

    1. Unknown User (rtyler)

      You should be able to do this if you create a View that excludes that job, and then launch the Wall Display from that view (smile)

  9. Unknown User (theschles)


    It would be nice if one could hover over a displayed job and have box pop up stating what that color means.

  10. Unknown User (theschles)

    I have the latest version 0.5.11 and the Java applet stops updating after a while.  It would be great if you would fix it -- or at least put a refresh button on the applet.

  11. Unknown User (chrisbeach)

    I have 0.5.11 installed on Jenkins 1.409.1. The display opens with my projects but they are all dark grey boxes. Kicking off a build doesn't change the colour of the boxes, although I have on occasion seen yellow dots appear on the right hand side of grey boxes.

    Is there anything I need to configure to get the colouring on boxes to indicate build status?

    1. Unknown User (ashokm)

      I am also having this problem. Successful jobs being displayed in grey and not changing when failed, running, aborted etc..

      Most of the grey ones, being Maven jobs.

      "Use custom text for Walldisplay" feature also does not work.

      Any updates?

      1. Unknown User (ashokm)

        I can confirm that this plugin does not work with Maven jobs.  Maven jobs remain displayed in grey (with no build number) on the Wall display.

        Raised as JENKINS-10948

  12. Unknown User (theschles)

    HTML5-based wall display plugin doesn't behave well to window resizing: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2FyZ4je9DJw

    The old JNLP-based wall display plugin had no issues being resized.

    1. Unknown User (pelle)


      can tell me the version number of the plugin and the browser please.

      1. Unknown User (theschles)

        Chrome 15.0.874.121 on OS X Snow Leopard

        Plugin 0.6.1 & (now) 0.6.4

  13. Unknown User (oceananimal)

    Link doesn't seem to work if using non-standard port (i.e. 8081 instead of 8080). Manually changing the URL in the browser is my current workaround.

    1. Unknown User (pelle)


      what Url is configured in the jenkins configuration under "Jenkins URL"?

  14. Unknown User (alonesword)

    1\ it's cannot show job list on "myviews",where LDAP auth.

     when u open wall display on this view.it will show "not found."

    2\ canot show job list with dashboard view. it will show "timeout" when u open it.

    3\ show nothing on IE8

    wall display: 0.6.8

    jenkins:  1.450

    chrome: 17.0.963.46m

    IE: 8.0.6001.18702

  15. Unknown User (sebro83)

    Hi Christian,

    Thanks for your efforts! We use your plugin for some time now and it has always been very stable and does exactly what's required.

    However we have now switched the build monitor pc and it is no longer a full-blown pc, but just a tiny raspberry running chromium and showing your wall-display. We have a huge problem with the cpu load though. It's always at ~100% and after some hours the raspberry locks up completely (Other "static" pages run fine). I assume this is more a problem of the PI, the OS or the browser always running under heavy load, but if the load would not be that high, this could resolve the problem. Are there any ways to further optimize the page?

  16. Unknown User (nutz95)

    Would it be possible to change the color of the snow (black/gray maybe)? as the text appears white and the snow is also white, the text part will eventually get stuck on LCD/plasma displays.

  17. Unknown User (donoregano)

    Another color quibble:

    Could we get a "more yellow" yellow color. The current one looks almost green on a lot of displays. I've heard it described as "snot-colored"... :-)

    When all of our jobs are unstable there are quite a few people who instinctively react "oh, everything is going great!", and then they remember that blue is the color they should be longing for...

    Very good plugin though!

  18. Unknown User (jenkins911)

    Am using 0.6.15 version on two instances of Jenkins. One instance runs on tomcat6 and one on jetty. Wall display works fine on jenkins instance that runs on Jetty. But for the one that runs on tomcat6, i get an internal server error. Neither tomcat log nor the jenkins log show anything.

    Can someone help?


  19. Unknown User (jenkins911)

    Am using 0.6.15 version on two instances of Jenkins. One instance runs on tomcat6 and one on jetty. Wall display works fine on jenkins instance that runs on Jetty. But for the one that runs on tomcat6, i get an internal server error. Neither tomcat log nor the jenkins log show anything.

    Firebug shows "org.acegisecurity.AccessDeniedException: Please login to access job". Why is this happening?

    Can someone help?


  20. Hi.  I'm using 0.6.15 and was wondering if it's possible to have the wall display URL be an actual view tab - instead of having to click 'Wall Display' on the left side of the screen.  I hope that makes sense.  I'd like to click '+' to create a view and have that view be the wall display url for an already defined view.

    1. Unknown User (pelle)

      I'm not sure I got the question right. You wan't to use a view as a source of jobs for an Walldisplay? That is already possible via the walldisplay link on the view page.

      1. I didn't do a good job of asking the question.  I'll give it another shot.  When the plugin is installed, there is a link on the left side of the page titled 'Wall Display'.  The Wall  Display is based on the current view selected.  What I'd like to know is, rather than have it say 'Wall Display' for the current view along the left hand side, can I create a brand new view in the view tabs, call it something like 'For My Users' and have it display the same wall information?

        For example if I had a view tab bar along the top like:

        [All] [Maven Jobs] [Deploy jobs] [Self Service Jobs] [For My Users]

        *'For My Users'* (above) points to the full url of the Wall display for 'Deploy Jobs'

  21. Unknown User (lancenorskog)

    I'm on Jenkins version 1.500 and the most recent version of Wall Display is 0.6.2. The "Wall Display" link in the main Jenkins page gives this url. It is not a legal link.


    I downloaded 0.6.16 and deployed it. It does "Loading jobs" and nothing more.

    This is with Tomcat 7.0.35. Does it work in other containers?

  22. Unknown User (kraxel)


    can you please provide release notes /change log for versions > 0.6.16?

    would be helpful to judge wether update makes sense or not.


  23. Unknown User (mobarger)

    How do I configure views to be more granular? When I go to Manage Jenkins - Configure System - Wall Display section, the only thing available is a dropdown listing All, Active This Month, Active This Week, Active Today.

    1. Unknown User (pelle)


      just create a jenkins view containing only the jobs you want to display. The walldisplay link on the views navigation bar always will show only the jobs from the view.


      1. Unknown User (mobarger)

        Oh! I had only ever used the link from the Jenkins landing page. Thank you so much!

  24. Unknown User (joltmans)

    To the author of this plugin. It would be appreciated if the plugin was placed under some kind of license.

    MIT License is the most common for Jenkins plugins.

    1. Unknown User (pelle)

      Is there anything I have to do except from declaring "The plugin is now licensed under MIT?"


  25. Unknown User (oninojudo)

    We'd love to be able to put some additional information on the card.  Specifically, we want to put one of our build parameters up, but it would be nice if we could do a string with any environment variable.

    1. Unknown User (jamesco)

      Are build descriptions visible in the display?

      You could set the build description based on parameter.

      e.g. in execute groovy script step, something like: