Jenkins : Travis YML Plugin

This plugin runs your jobs using .travis.yml file in your project.

Plugin Information

View Travis YML on the plugin site for more information.


Install by navigating and selecting Manage Jenkins -> Manage Plugins -> Travis YML Plugin

Add to your workspace on the root folder a .travis.yml, this plugin accept the next phases of lifecycle:

  1. before_install
  2. install
  3. before_script
  4. script
  5. after_success
  6. after_failure
  7. before_deploy
  8. deploy
  9. after_deploy
  10. after_script

If you have any failure on your build and want to review the final generated, you should declare the environment variable DEBUG_TRAVIS_YML either on your build node or in jenkins.

ChangelogVersion 0.2.2 (13 Nov, 2016)

  • Added debug mode 

Version 0.2.1 (23 Oct, 2016)

  • fix echo not escaping first parameter.
  • export enviroment variables escape non alpha-numeric character identifiers 

Version 0.2.0 (19 Oct, 2016)

  • Escape complex bash commands echo problem.
  • Added expansion of enviroment variables
  • Support "before_deploy", "deploy" and "after_deploy"

Version 0.1.0 (30 Jul, 2014)

  • Initial release to
  • Support "env" in .travis.yml
  • Support "before_install", "install", "before_script", "script", and "after_script" in .travis.yml
  • Support "after_success" and "after_failure" in .travis.yml

Know Issues 

.travis.yml build not save

downgrade 'ruby-runtime' plugin back to v0.12



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