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Lets you use "tools" in unusual ways, such as from shell scripts.

Plugin Information

View Tool Environment on the plugin site for more information.

About this plugin

See http://issues.jenkins-ci.org/browse/JENKINS-4532 for motivation.

Some screenshots are better than a long discussion:

  1. This is what you define in Hudson's main config screen:
  2. This is how you use the plugin in a job:
  3. This is what you get:

Compared to Custom Tools Plugin the advantage is that you can use the tool in arbitrary ways, not just running an executable from it. In the future these plugins should be merged. SharedObjects Plugin can also be used to achieve this plugin's effect.


1.0 released Feb 15 2010


  1. Unknown User (gregmoore)

    would elaborate a bit. "tools in unusual ways, such as from shell scripts." doesn't tell me anything. your tools may be quite from the "tools" that I use.

    I read 4532 but imho, its still pretty vague. no I'm not going to download and install it just to try it and find out its not what I need. I don't have the luxury of that much time... do you?

    1. Unknown User (rseguy)

      I did experiment it (on 1.312), found it very useful, so added some documentation. Open Source is great for that: Everybody can contribute (smile)

  2. Unknown User (axel.heider@gi-de.com)

    What is the difference to the SetEnv Plugin. It appears bot do more or less the same.

    1. Unknown User (rseguy)

      The SetEnv plugin allows creating whatever variables you want, whereas this one helps automatically defining variables which will refer to the home directory of tools referenced by Hudson (Ant, etc.).

  3. Unknown User (gbois)

    Following a request on the mailing list, EnvInject plugin (successor of the SetEnv plugin and the EnvFile plugin) is able to inject tool installations through the SharedObjects plugin.

  4. Unknown User (jhyland87)

    How can this be used for shell scripts?