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Plugin Information

View Test Odyssey on the plugin site for more information.

Allows users to trigger execution on cloud of already recorded automation tests via Test-Odyssey.


Test-Odyssey is a script-less cloud based functional test automation tool. Tests can be automated on a rich web-ui in the context of the application under test (AUT). These tests can then be executed on cloud on demand on a machine configured for the selected OS-Browser.

The plugin is used to trigger execution of automation tests in Test-Odyssey from Jenkins.



  • Go to Manage Jenkins in Jenkins dashboard
  • Click on Configure System and scroll to Test-Odyssey section
  • Provide the user-credentials in the Test-Odyssey section as provided by the Test-Odyssey tool
  • Provide username, password and organization code as provided by the Test-Odyssey tool
  • Saving the changes verifies user credentials and fetches all the projects which will be used in job configuration


  • Create a job (a freestyle project)
  • Add a build step and choose Test-Odyssey
  • Provide all the execution details like Execution Name, Project Name, Operating System, Browser, AUT Base Url and Pass Percentage
  • Save and you have successfully configure the Test-Odyssey plugin in jenkins
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