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Plugin Information

View Test stability history on the plugin site for more information.

Developed By

This plugin adds historical information about the stability of tests - i.e. the percentage how often they failed.

Version 2.x

The plugin now implements newer APIs which allow it to work with Pipeline builds. The version has been bumped to 2.x because the test-stability plugin now requires Jenkins Core 1.596 (instead of 1.480) and no longer supports the old Additional test report features (fixed) workaround.



Configure the maximal history length (default is 30)


Enable the Additional test report features.

For Jenkins < 1.530 only! (Plugin version 1.0 only)

Note that for maven jobs you must use the Additional test report features (fixed) as the built-in Jenkins one is broken up until Jenkins 1.529.

Pipeline usage (Plugin version 2.x or later)

Instead of using this in your Jenkinsfile to collect test results:

    junit '**/*.xml'

you should use this:

    junit testResults: '**/*.xml', testDataPublishers: [[$class: 'StabilityTestDataPublisher']]

Test health

Example test result:


  1. Unknown User (jeebitesh)

    May I know does this support MSTest or not if it does why are we not getting options for Job "additional test report"

  2. Unknown User (jeebitesh)

    May I know does this support MSTest or not if it does why are we not getting options for Job "additional test report"

    1. Unknown User (gbois)

      For MSTest or other xUnit tools, you have to use the xUNnit plugin. xUnit should integrate this kind of feature.

  3. Unknown User (bettercallsaul)

    Will the parameter values of the build be considered correctly?

    We start an abstract job with a branch parameter and a browser parameter for our Web regression tests.

    Will this plugin consider the difference in parameter values per test run?

    For our purposes it should only group together test runs that have been started with the same parameter values. (Example: A dev test run with IE should not mark the test unstable for another branch and the Chrome browser.)

  4. Unknown User (larsmeynberg)

    Is anybody aware of this BUG: JENKINS-33168

  5. Unknown User (orenchapo)

    Can the new Plugin version 2.x work with the xUnit (not jUnit) plugin in a Pipeline job?

    1. Unknown User (seanf)

      It doesn't look like the Pipeline step XUnitBuilder supports an argument for testDataPublishers, so I don't think so, sorry.