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Plugin Information

View Tattletale on the plugin site for more information.

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This plugin generates Tattletale reports, mostly useful for jar file analysis.

Tattletale can:

  • Identify dependencies between JAR files
  • Find missing classes from the classpath
  • Spot if a class/package is located in multiple JAR files
  • Spot if the same JAR file is located in multiple locations
  • With a list of what each JAR file requires and provides
  • Verify the SerialVersionUID of a class
  • Find similar JAR files that have different version numbers
  • Find JAR files without a version number
  • Find unused JAR archives
  • Identify sealed / signed JAR archives
  • Locate a class in a JAR file
  • Get the OSGi status of your project
  • Remove black listed API usage
  • And generate the same reports for your .WAR and .EAR archives

Installation Requirements

This plugin requires tattletale and javassist unzipped on filesystem.

Latest release download location: http://maven.jenkins-ci.org:8081/content/repositories/releases/org/jenkins-ci/plugins/tattletale-plugin/0.3/


The Tattletale plug-in can generate tattletale reports and archive them for each build.

The following features are provided by this plug-in:

  • Tattletale execution using embedded mechanism
  • Configuring which files to scan after each build.
  • Report archivation for each build or per project
  • Easy access and viewing of Tattletale reports

How To Use

  1. Download Tattletale or use tattletale maven or ant integration
  2. Install plugin, Manage Hudson> manage plugins >Available
  3. Configure the tattletale and javassist (contained with tattetale download) location
  4. Restart app server/ Hudson
  5. If you want the plugin to execute Tattletale add "Invoke Tattletale" build step otherwise use maven or ant tattletale integration in your project
  6. Check "Publish Tattletale report" in the post-build actions in your project 
  7. Explore generated reports on project / build page

Step no. 3 - configuring global plugin settings:

Step no. 4 - invoking Tattletale for your project:

Step no. 5 - archiving reports:

Step no. 6 - Tattletale reports on project / build page:


Example report:


Release 0.3

  • Initial release
  • Support for direct Tattletale execution (or usage of maven/ant integration)
  • Support for archiving reports per build or per project


  1. Unknown User (meggleton)

    I'm having issues with this plugin working under windows.  It looks like the paths are wrong.  i.e.

    [Tattletale] Workspace path: /c:/jenkins/workspace/MYJOBNAME/

    [Tattletale] Running $ java -jar C:\Tools\tattletale-1.2.0.Beta2\tattletale.jar /c:/jenkins/workspace/MYJOBNAME/. /c:/jenkins/workspace/MYJOBNAME/tattletale-report

    Is there any place I can fix the paths?

  2. Unknown User (vtunka)

    I haven't noticed your comment till now on this page as it didn't notify me by mail. I have created a JENKINS-15483 jira for this issue. Please track issues in Jenkins jira under Tattletale component in the future. Thank you! 

  3. Unknown User (kuene212chow)

    I'm having issue with this plugin when is running tattletale on the slave/build node in a linux environment.

    When i'm running tattletale job in the hudson master, the tattletale report directory and the analysis contents will be generated in the job workspace on the master server.  When i run the tattletale job on the slave node, even though the output path and directory displayed correctly from the console output, but the tattletale report directory and contents does not get generated in the job workspace on the slave machine, as a result, build failed due to no Tattletale report can be found.

    How can i get tattletale to run and capture result on the slave nodes?


  4. Unknown User (edbras)

    The plugin throws this error when publishing the result (see below for full log):
    > ERROR: [Tattletale] No data copied, configuration error?

    How can I solve this?
    My config: I run tattletale through maven on a a single sub-module only, through a post build steps (it runs fine, the tattletale pages are created correctly, located in the submodule target/tattletale):
       -f project-admin/etc/maven/develop/pom.xml -pl com.bla:web tattletale:report

    In publish TattleTale section I use the default "tattletale-report" folder. BTW: i noticed that changing this had no effect, when I enter the config page, it shows the default folder.
    I am using Jenkins 1.562.


    Thanks, Ed

    Full error log snippet:
    [Tattletale] PublishingERROR: [Tattletale] No data copied, configuration error?Build step 'Publish Tattletale report' changed build result to FAILURE